Zoe Jo Rae


I’m Zoe, the intern at Between Designs.

In December 2014 I decided that after a year and a half of university in London, the course I was on just wasn’t for me. I was busy having one of those ‘floundering life moments’ wondering what the hell I was going to do next, so when I contacted Oscar and was offered the opportunity to spend 6 months in Oslo learning what it takes to be a designer I was over the moon. I gathered my thermals, braced myself for a Scandinavian winter and since then its been a busy few months!


Work here is about experimenting and learning through making. When I was considering internships I was looking for hands on experience with designing and making on a human scale and here, in a corner of Oslo I found just that. A collection of people with a vast range of skills that are constantly thinking up new ways of creating for and interacting with the world. For me it’s invaluable to be around individuals who are making careers and lives from what they love doing, it has shown me the determination and resourcefulness it requires, it’s providing me with insight that is unique to working in a 'live' design environment. It is incredibly refreshing to develop concepts in a workshop where there isn’t a ‘set style’ if you have an idea, get out there and give it a go.


Interning at Between Designs is not one of those ‘intern aka human coffee maker’ style internships. The only time you’ll be mistaken for part of the furniture is when you’re knee deep in wood shavings and have a sawdust covered jumper on, in which case it’s an honest mistake to make! But joking aside, working here is a fantastic opportunity, it’s totally hands on, you’re involved in the everyday goings on in the workshop and projects as they develop. (And I can promise you Oscar hasn’t even paid me to write all this nice stuff! ) So If you’re practical, interested in helping develop socially and environmentally sustainable design projects and learning heaps along the way, get in touch!

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